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France in our heart

Have you ever though about getting married in France? No? Well, there is a possibility to get married by having a wedding in Brittany, France. I do believe that getting married in one of those lovely mediterranean countries is something that can't be missed and I do believe that one should try this. Maybe I can find something for you and help you to become a better husband or wife because really, this is what the wedding is all about, to get married. And when one get married you just don't get married that day, no, this is for ...

Detect leaks with sound

Have you ever heard of acoustic leak detection? Well, a lot of us has never heard about this and I do believe that one might have to learn a lot about this invention before having someone to checks it out. I do believe that one should really try to avoid the real deal problems with leakage and that can be made by installing good pipes. But if the accident do happen it is good to know that it can be solved just by detecting the leak and fixing it. Maybe you can try this in your home and try to ...

Köpa ny våningssäng

Jag var inne på en hemsida där man kunde köpa loftsängar online. Jag hittade faktiskt ett par sängar som jag verkligen skulle kunna tänka mig att skaffa. Men jag kan ju inte skaffa fler sängar direkt utan jag ska ju bara ha en. Men det är ju verkligen helt underbart med våningssängar. Jag sover aldrig så bra som jag gör när jag sover i en sådan säng. Jag tycke ratt det är underbart att sova på hög höjd. Så jag antar att jag skulle sova som en prins om jag var uppe på ett berg. 

weekend trip

All our family lives in The Netherlands and they do like to visit us. This week it will be time to make the guestroom ready again. Sometimes we are running out of things to do with visitors but not this time. We decided to go away for the weekend and take our guests with us. We are going to Estland by boat during nighttime. In the morning we will be in Tallinn where we will be sightseeing the city and doing some shopping of course. In the evening we will be going on the boat back home again. We have ...